Monday, June 28, 2010

"Notebook" Touch Screen Type Thumb

Notebook computer In the midst of competition, especially the presence of cheap and affordable netbook most consumers, a challenge to computer technology products that could attract the interest of many people.
This at least is trying to do that during the Japanese Fujitsu is known for producing high quality computer products and is known to have sophisticated and reliable technology, such as miniaturization motherboard components that could contain a variety of hardware features, such as a 3G modem contains a SIM card or GPS to determine direction .
More expensive price competition among low-cost netbook computers among multinational brands have to look for other causes Fujitsu technology and design different shapes to keep the product at once classy and capable of reflecting the lifestyle of its users
Fujitsu realized miniaturization advantages is that combine various features of the futuristic hardware. The result, products in this category UH900 LifeBook series weighs just 500 grams to be the lightest notebook.

Close the 600 British Government Owned Websites

PARIS, Most developing country governments competing to provide digital information resources, among others, by making official website. However, many websites that are made are often neglected. The same apparently is true for developed countries like the UK Government.
The British government recently announced it would close 600 government-owned Web site addresses. British Cabinet Secretary Francis Maude claimed the move would save spending up to 100 million pounds or approximately USD 1.5 trillion a year. The number of websites to reach three-quarters of the UK government website managed to reach 820 units.
"The days for a site that has ended in vain.'s Not good to have a website that does not provide high quality services according to expectations and needs of the community," Maude said as quoted by the Telegraph, Saturday (25/06/2010).
He said every government site administrators are asked to do a review of funding requirements for its management, the benefits that can be given, and whether it can still provide better service. In September all the website will be rated and only 25 percent of the best preserved. For while the British Government would not make a new website except by permission of the board of financial efficiency established by the government.
The report quoted the British Information Office states to build only 46 sites, the British government has spent £ 94 million during 2009-2010. Not included in the cost of managing staff who reach 32 million pounds.

Monday, June 14, 2010


If you mengempitnya, people will think this is the wallet. Understandably elongate and thin size was similar to women's purses. Plus a blush pink color. Kala dijejerkan with a personal diary, she looks slim. In addition to blush pink, the Sony VAIO C is available in a choice of other colors: orange, black, and white.
We picked it up, we added pleasure. Lightly, it's only 610 grams. If added charger and cord, weight shifts to 772 grams. still much lighter than a netbook instead? That is, the Sony VAIO P brought this good anywhere, tucked, put into bags, and even tucked in the back pocket of your jeans. Could anyway, because his body is thin, 1.8 cm. So it is not going to make - sorry - you look strange ass.

Got 3 Special Keys
But whether this tiny notebook comfortable to wear? We see one at first. Small sails, 8 ", but high resolution (1600x768). Not bad views? Easy, the resolution can be adjusted easily. Just press a special button on the right click button on the keyboard panel. This is indeed a special button to set the resolution. The resolution can be arranged directly from the display.'s delicious down to 1280x600.
O yes, the right of the Resolution button is a button bearing the WEB. This is a shortcut to explore the virtual universe without going into the operating system. That is, without pressing on the button, aka turn on the notebook.
WEB Just press the button while the notebook is not alive, and within 17 seconds you're ready to surf with the browser. Just do not forget to shift the wireless slider on the left side towards the back to activate the wireless connection. If this is active, an existing WiFi network will be aired. Just pick where you want, and you're ready for deh nge-net.
While talking about the special keys, we might as well consider the other special keys. What is there to the left of the Resolution button, aka just right-click the right button touchpad. Labeled Assist, this button will help you solve problems in the notebook. Pressed it will take you to the SONY CARE. There you can choose what to do: System Care, Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, or Recovery & Restore.

Microsoft Create Technology 3D Without Glasses

Want to see pictures of three-dimensional impressions? On the movie screen, on your PC screen, notebook screen, or in a special television screen carrying the 3D feature, you need a special eyeglasses that can make images look 3D. Can the old type glasses (shutter model, or one blue lens and one red), or a new model glasses (type polarizers). Bother you? It takes a lot of sunglasses too, if that many people watching.
Well there is good news about this 3D impressions. Applied Sciences Group, Microsoft, so lansir Technology Review, has developed a new lens that negate the necessity to wear glasses that fat could see the 3D video. This lens is quite thin, around 11mm at the top and 6mm at the bottom. So he could easily be embedded in the LCD screen.
Microsoft prototype 3D display that comes with this lens have a camera that seems to duty to track the audience and directs the light to turn on / off LED-LED along the bottom edge of the lens. Is reportedly capable of projecting displays multiple images at once, deliver 3D video to two audiences at once (one individual videos for one eye), no matter where they stand. While the 2D video can be presented to four people at once (one video for each person).

Given Microsoft's control of the Artificial Limb Kinect Name

Microsoft finally reveals motion control technology for the XBox 360 gaming console with a Kinect. Previously, the development of technologies that allows players to control the movement of the game was called Project Christmas.
Kinect be exhibited in the largest annual exhibition game in the U.S., E3, which will be held this week in Los Angeles. Unlike the control sensor for the Nintendo Wii and Sony Play Station 3, Kinect not need a magic wand which must be held game players. Microsoft uses three cameras to record pemian gestures and translate them into the game.
Besides menegnadlaikan motion, Kinect also supports voice commands. Such systems are designed for lay people so that gamers do not need complicated with various navigation buttons or the game. As she stood in front of the computer system, movement of avatars on the screen according to movement of players. Anyone can join in playing video games.
"The big breakthrough will be achieved only if it can involve the mother in that game. There are many children and mothers who want to have interactive experiences together," said Mike Delman, VP Global Marketing Division of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment, Sunday (13/06/2010 ).
Some games that was demonstrated at the Galen Center, University of Southern California, long Sunday that, among other dance games, simulation, pets, and the practice of yoga and tai chi. In these demonstrations juag shown how to play the sword of light like in Star Wars.

Consistent, Nokia's Will Use Android

Although both the operating system (OS) is open source, the Finnish manufacturer Nokia smartphone will never use Android for smartphones which it manufactures. Meego prefer Nokia and Symbian.
"No, for the moment we (Nokia) will not use the Android operating system. We prefer Symbian because it has proven its usefulness," said Jo Harlow, senior vice president of Smartphones Nokia, the Nokia Connection 2010 event in Singapore, Monday (14 / 6 / 2010), some time ago.
In the perspective of the operating system, called competitors potesial Harlow is currently Android and Windows Mobile. "It's nothing that is not possible, Nokia is also possible to use Android. But for the moment Nokia is not going to use Android although equally open source," said Harlow.
When asked why, Harlow explained, Nokia has a serious business called Ovi which have been using Symbian. "Using the Android platform will make the strategy Nokia is not consistent," he said.
Similar disclosed Kenny Mathers, Head of Developer Relations and Marketing Asia Pacific. Mennurut him, Symbian has operated for 12 years and has been widely used in a number of smartphone manufacturers, including Nokia. "It's impossible to leave where we have Symbian (Nokia) use during the teen years with a new operating system," he said.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

iPad, Revolution, and the Art Manufacturing

These days, the discourse surrounding the gadget seems to be dominated by began to sell the latest device from Apple Inc., the iPad. As presented in the main report the latest edition of Newsweek, Monday (05/04/2010), "What's great about the iPad?", The answer was "everything". Here's betting Steve Jobs, Chairman and CEO of Apple, to revolutionize how people read, watch, play games, working with computers (computing), as well as research and industrial activities in Silicon Valley.
For reading and publishing-related matters, this edition also explores the Newsweek article about the future of paper and ink, written by Anna Quindlen.
Weird indeed. Previously, a similar device already exists in the form of slate iPad (tablets) electronics. However, echo and the sales are not segegap euphoria of Apple's latest work of this. iPad even called almost like a myth. On the first day of sales through the reservation, he was immediately sold 120,000, then the first day of sales in stores, sold 300,000. Next, the research firm iSuppli estimates, iPad sales this year could reach 7.1 million and tripled to 20.1 million in 2012 (The Wall Street Journal / WSJ, Tuesday 6 / 4).
Interesting cars
Optimism will be the birth of this revolution in various fields to make the information technology industry must choose whether to focus to get the car on the side of Apple or its competitors. However, Apple seems to pull so strong it good for software applications and hardware components iPad had pulled so many interests.
Software developers seem to be forced to survive with the support of the Apple iPad. The problem is, if I have to split the resources to follow orders from the application of other companies, in addition to giving too heavy burden for the programmer, they can also lose the opportunity of iPad sales boom.
Since launching the Apple Store, July 2008, Apple has made this store a huge virtual market, with more than 150,000 games, entertainment, and other applications. Nearest competitor's market, Google Inc., have only about 30 000 applications (Yukari Iwatani Kane, WSJ, Tuesday 6 / 4).

In the Era of Mobile, HTML5 Will Win

It is undeniable Flash has become part penitng in cyberspace today. Multimedia content to present an animated video using Adobe technologies such. However, as technological developments, which are proprietary Flash technology rivaled mlai other more flexible.

In fact, Apple, one of the main players in the computer and the smartphone binsis currently refusing Flash in all devices. The reason Flash is difficult to grow and does not match the demands of the times. Conversely Adobe persist that the number of web content that already use Flash, as did Apple's action gives only disappointment for consumers.

But Apple CEO Steve Jobs believes that Apple left the Flash will not reduce the experience of the full Web access. According to Jobs it is not true because in addition to Flash, most of the videos on the Web also supports the H.264 standard, so without the Flash was not too much trouble.

"We are very confident that supports web standards should be open. Rather than using Flash, Apple would prefer to adopt HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript-it's all open standards," said Jobs in a post on Apple's website on Thursday (04/29/2010) which highlights Flash and weld defects meningglakannya Apple. Apple even create open standards for web, called WebKit, the engine based on open source HTML5 readers that are now used broser Android, Nokia, and later BlackBerry.

According to Flash is a technology of the past which is suitable only for computers that use the mouse but not suitable for devices that touch sailed into current trends and future. He is optimistic that HTML5 will not only surpass Flash in mobile devices but also on the computer.

"Open standards created in the era of mobile like HTML5 will win in mobile devices and even PC. Perhaps Adobe should be more focus on developing tools and HTML5 support for his future and begin to reduce criticism to Apple," Jobs lid.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Senheisser PC230 " Red Dot Design Award"

Sennheiser PC 230 international product design award Red Dot Design Award 2010. These products won in the category of sound entertainment.

This victory shows the recognition that the Sennheiser successfully combines audio expertise with excellent design skills. PC 230 is already available from June through Sennheiser authorized distributor in Indonesia, namely PT Astrindo Senayasa.

With high-quality speakers and Sennheiser stereo sound, PC 230 combines first-class performance with a compact design. Despite the modest dimensions, this headset reproduce music, soundtrack, and dialogue with clarity and detail in each volume - while the noise canceling microphone technology was advanced to ensure the occurrence of a very clear conversation every time you talk on the internet.

When you're trying new music or using Skype, the controls are intuitive and intelligent design ergonomisnya make use of this headset is very easy. Volume controls have been integrated in one ear cup, so you no longer need to change the position to adjust the settings on your computer - or a waste of time to search for in-line controls.

Ergonomic microphone on the PC 230 beating effectively and allows you to customize your headset. This microphone is designed to rotate almost 360 ° so you can choose which side to wear the microphone and adjust the boom with his right / left you, as you want. Moreover, this microphone will automatically switch to mute when you push it upwards away from your face and with a special hinge, will make it easier to make small adjustments though - so you'll always have a microphone you anywhere you want.

When you spend much time in front of your computer at home, comfort must be a top priority - and this is where the PC 230 lightweight design in action. Even after hours of use, the PC 230 will not feel heavy and super-soft cushions that will not hurt your ears. Thanks to the greatness of its user friendly features an ergonomic and intuitive, you may have forgotten all that you're wearing a headset.

German Soccer Team Wear Telepresence Technology

To coordinate distance, the German soccer team take advantage of Cisco TelePresence technology. With this technology, officials at the German Football Federation (DFB) in Germany can do face to face meeting with his team at any time in South Africa during the World Cup in 2010.
The two companies provide Cisco TelePresence technology in the headquarters of the German national football team in South Africa. With these technologies, they are connected to telepresence in Germany. Cisco TelePresence conference room in South Africa was right next to the headquarters of the German team, located in Velmore Grand Hotel, near Pretoria. In Germany, telepresence is available in various locations, such as in the DFB headquarters in Frankfruit, as well as in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Bonn.
Video collaboration services between South Africa and Germany was conducted by Deutsche Telekom and Cisco. To transmit video and audio data of high quality, they use fiber optic cables under the sea which extends along 8000 kilometers. Previously, Deutsche Telekom and Cisco has been providing systems and telepresence services over three years for the DFB. In addition to the federation of internal communications, DFB also use a virtual meeting systems two-way communication with partners who also work together.

User Email Leaks iPad, Hands Down FBI

of Investigation (FBI) began investigating the case peretasan mobile operator's wireless network AT & T that causes leakage of the user's email address iPad 3G card is bundled with AT & T.

"The FBI is aware of the possibility of computer peretasan and we opened an investigation to confront the threat of Internet crime," said FBI spokesman Lindsay Godwin, Thursday (06/10/2010).

A security company Internet Security Goatse says, Goatse can get email addresses iPad 3G users through a program is one in which AT & T. Security Goatse and then reported the list of email addresses that were leaked to a site owned by Gawker Media.

In the list of email addresses are included on an email address Deputy Director of the New York Times Co., Janet Robinson and email addresses New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. There are around 114 000 user's email address on the site iPad who leaked AT & T. In addition to Robinson's name and Bloomberg, there is a member of the U.S. military, the name of the executives at media companies, technology, and finance.

Internet Security Analyst Security Goatse Auernheimer Escher says, a list of email addresses submitted to Gawker Media Gawker Media on condition must not publish it. "The action we do is based solely good intentions," said Auernheimer.

According to him, until now there is no FBI agents who ask for information from the company in this case. "We take the steps necessary to ensure no one is harmed by the data we have," he added.

AT & T which is the second largest cellular operator in the U.S. claims will immediately fix the weaknesses of the system.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New rules Transactions Through Internet

share information about technology:  any technology, can not be separated from evil. One of them, the crime through internet banking transactions. Therefore, Bank Indonesia (BI) would immediately apply special rules to regulate these transactions.

Head of Directorate of Accounting and Payment System BI Aribowo said the idea arises because there are no rules that protect clients when they engage in internet banking transactions. "In fact, the number of customers have millions of online transactions," said Aribowo.

grab bag task : LG 42LE5500

grab bag task to distribute information about the world of technology:
In the last Few years the most compelling challengers to the LCD picture-quality Reign of plasma Were multizone equipped with LED backlights That Could Brighten or dim in Different areas of the screen independently. Broadly Known as "local dimming" technology, in the best cases it delivered superb black-level performance and manageable tradeoffs in the form of stray Illumination or "bloom." In Worse cases, the LG LE5500 Poor 'series, that stray Illumination is not managed well.


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