Monday, July 5, 2010

Appearances on Prime MeeGo Smartphone

MeeGo based phone finally made her debut with the release of source code for Linux-based platform made by Intel and Nokia are. Source code can be used by developers to test their performance and create applications that support.
"Source code for this phone is available for the developer community. This code was developed as a version 1.1 which is scheduled to be released in October next," writes a blog on behalf Valterri MeeGo Halla and Imad Sousou of MeeGo Technical Steering Group. Source code can be downloaded free of charge on site MeeGo began Wednesday (06/30/2010) then.
In the source code, including API (application programming interface), the reference sample interface, and some basic applications and features such as locking the screen, application launcher, virtual keyboard, phone dialler, send SMS, browser, contacts, and photo viewer.
In addition, the available MeeGo Core OS component that can be accompanied also run on Intel Atom-based handset and Nokia N900 to use ARM-based processor. On the site also added illustrations MeeGo screen display when used in handsets and video memperlihatakan workings of the application.
MeeGo is the result of a merger between Maemo Linux development projects from Nokia and Intel's Moblin Linux as agreed in the World Mobile Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain a few months ago. Not just for mobile phones, MeeGo also designed for a variety of portable devices such as netbooks and tablets. Source code is the first version has been released netbook MeeGo made in May.